DSS Apparatus Bay

Haix Airpower R7
Haix Airpower XR1
EXT Rescue Barrier 4014
Shelby Flex 24-7
Dragon Fire Gloves Alpha X
Flir One Android
Crossfire ES5W Fire Mirror Lens, Shiny Black Frame (Model Number: 12620W)
Crossfire AR3 HD Brown Lens, Woodland Brown Camouflage Frame (Model Number: 16146)
ESS FirePro-1971 FS
ESS Innerzone 1
Pelican SabreLite 2020 Recoil LED Flashlight
Pelican Mini Flasher 2130 LED Flashlight
Pelican VB3 2220 LED Flashlight
Pelican 2365 LED Flex Neck Flashlight
Pelican 2490 LED (with Traffic Wand)
Pelican 2780 LED Headlight
Pelican 3310ELS Emergency Lighting Station
Pelican Big Ed Rechargeable 3750 Flashlight
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