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    Established in 1994, Douglass Safety Systems LLC provides fire, EMS, rescue, and safety equipment to municipal and industrial organizations throughout the state of Michigan.

     Our sales team consists entirely of current and former firefighting personnel from across the state. These individuals are inherently familiar with the needs and demands that firefighters face to an intimate degree. They are well-versed in the hazards associated with the day-to-day operations of firefighting personnel and are well-educated to equip our customers with the tools and equipment necessary to complete the challenging tasks they face in the safest and most efficient manner possible. As firefighters themselves they work in close proximity to the customers to which they provide our products and services. It is therefore the prerogative of both these individuals and Douglass Safety Systems to provide only the most effective and reliable solutions to the problems firefighting personnel encounter and to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

     Inherent in our company philosophy is the stance that it is imperative to form a professional relationship with our customers that extends beyond the initial point-of-sale. To this end, Douglass Safety Systems is fully equipped to ensure the products we provide will continue to function at the same level of effectiveness throughout their lifespan as the day they were purchased. Our dedicated service team consists of technicians that have been trained and certified by the manufacturers of the products we provide. They work closely with our manufacturers and have established relationships with their product engineers and service teams. Armed with the knowledge and experience of product service totalling well over several decades, Douglass Safety Systems' service center is well equipped to ensure the products we provide will always perform to the highest level of effectiveness possible.

    Douglass Safety Systems and its employees would like to thank all firefighters and EMS personnel for their dedication to civil service and thank you for taking an interest in our company.


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